Zong Hourly Internet Package

Zong Hourly Internet Package Details :-

Surfing was not that easy now In just Rs. 15/hour surf all you want and whenever you want! It’s time to step out of the bits and bytes charging domains to experience the joy and liberty of plain and real flat time based charging. And that’s pretty logical too, why should you pay extra when ZONG is offering you something which you’ve have been looking for.

With the hourly package on ZONG Mobile Internet you can avail a charging unit of only Rs. 0.25/min. ZONG is committed to offer such packages for customers because we know what our customers want, so here we are presenting the market with an opportunity to just grab their cell phones, sit back, relax and experience the true spirit of the internet with ZONG, through our custom made ZONG hourly based Internet package.

How to Subscribe:

Dial 905

How to Unsubscribe:

It is not a subscription base service

Nationwide Tariff

Packages Voice Package plan Cost per min
Zong Per hour Prepaid & Postpaid Rs. 0.25



Subscription charges for per hour package is Rs. 10 Validity of Monthly Packages is 30 days

After the expiry of monthly packages, standard Mobile internet charges as per the data plan will be applicable. To Activate Hourly and monthly packages dial 905

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